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Clint Eastwood by Pineapplepieprincess Clint Eastwood :iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 6 0
That feeling
That feeling.
Do you know what I’m talking about?
You know, when life suddenly seems to stop and you take a good look at yourself.
For a moment, it’s like looking into a mirror and not recognising the person looking back at you.
Then you realise, that person is you.
And you can’t help but to wonder…
What the heck happened?
How did I become like this?
Where did “I” go?
It’s that sort of despair that only the course of time can cause.
You feel like you’re gripping for a past that you can never reach again.
You stare and stare into your own eyes but feel totally lost.
And you feel empty, hollow even, when you can’t seem to find a trace of the person you used to be.
The insight seems like a dream – no, a nightmare, which you can’t awaken from.
It’s unbelievable, unacceptable and just… wrong.
It’s times like these when you feel no hope for your future.
Everything that’s good seems to be behind you.
:iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 2 0
On the shoreline, those pale fingers can’t reach me.
I pretend I’m a boulder, because boulders aren’t gold nor are they water.
I can’t see your true guise. Even the sunset is a creature of the night.
I can’t tell if I’m singing or screaming or whispering loudly. Words are just that tasteless.
Everything smells like bleach, but nothing is clean and it’s still shiny.
You haven’t changed either. However, that miracle was never real to begin with.
I’m waiting for the tide to come in; I want to feel your verity smite me.
Let’s hide on the shoreline ‘til dawn, when those pale fingers fetches us again.
:iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 2 0
Vocaloid one-shot: Something bittersweet like you
He wanted to kiss her so bad. That thought went through his head every single day with no exceptions. Never once did it fail to cross his mind.
The plastic spoon scraped the bottom of the cartoon as Kaito scooped up the last slabs of ice cream. He’d felt up for a bit of variation today and gone for chocolate instead of vanilla. Normally, he told himself a good day always started with some nice high quality vanilla ice cream. But somehow, today felt different.
“Your metabolism must be miraculous.”
He turned in his chair, his heart performing the regular somersault in his chest as he saw her for the first time that morning. She was clad in a pink polka-dotted miniskirt, a white button-up shirt decorated with laces, and a violet cardigan over that. He hadn’t seen those clothes before. They ought to be new ones.
“I mean, it’s only nine in the morning and you’re already eating ice cream?” Rin continued, strolling past him towards the fridge. H
:iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 6 16
Vocaloid one-shot: Picking up the pieces by Pineapplepieprincess Vocaloid one-shot: Picking up the pieces :iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 11 0 Drowning by Pineapplepieprincess Drowning :iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 1 0 Sunset samurai by Pineapplepieprincess Sunset samurai :iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 11 7 Crybaby by Pineapplepieprincess Crybaby :iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 4 6
LukaxGakupo: Flower crown
The wind was lukewarm, soft and pleasant. It frolicked gently about the large variety of flowers in the flourishing backyard, swirling around them and causing them to sway slightly as if they were being rocked to sleep by a silent lullaby. One specific flower was warily plucked by two rough, male fingers. They proceeded by fondling it while a pair of violet eyes studied it closer.
"She loves me", he mumbled as he tore of the first, pale pink petal, squelching the tone of his voice due to caution and fear for embarrassment. He'd be dreadfully humiliated if someone snuck up upon him right now. What unspeakable damage such an incident would bring to his pride.
"She loves me not.” He inhaled sharply, as if speaking those sole words jagged at his heart. With one large hand clutching his chest, he imagined with nonpareil horror how he'd feel if his confession was to be rejected. The devastating thought was enough to twist his stomach and blur his vision. He reached out for another peta
:iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 2 6
Swallowed by the murky darkness of the shadows, I gaze at you from behind as you wander further into the distance.
I’m floating into the oblivion, frayed and diminished to the point of transparency, I’m losing colour and substance until you’re barely able to see me.
I can only wonder if my existence is extinguished from your perspective, yet I dare not to confront you to ascertain the amount of veracity in that assumption.
All I know is that my whole entity appears insignificant to you, even when my path occasionally crosses yours or when I prompt myself to utter your name.
Your own lips, however, have been tightly sealed as though they are glued together, and your ears have grown deaf towards the sound of my voice.
The roads of our lives no longer travel alongside each other as they used to do, and shards of my heart rupture at the memories of those days when they did.
The irretrievable nostalgia is somewhat devastating, but I’ve learned to endure the pain of s
:iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 3 0
Corrupted by Pineapplepieprincess Corrupted :iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 2 2 It seems like I have fallen for you by Pineapplepieprincess It seems like I have fallen for you :iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 2 15 I wonder if jellyfish dream when they're asleep by Pineapplepieprincess I wonder if jellyfish dream when they're asleep :iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 11 3 AT Koichi by Pineapplepieprincess AT Koichi :iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 2 6
RinxLen: The forgotten Pocky incident
The Pocky packages were sprawled out all over her floor: Chocolate, strawberry, milk and green tea. She loved each and every one of them – almost as much as she loved oranges. Rin let a delighted smile play upon her rosy lips as she glanced down at the packages right by her bed, reaching down before she selected two sticks of Pocky (chocolate and milk flavour) and stuffed them into her mouth. She thumbed through the magazine before her, cerulean eyes following the lines of several interviews and other articles, but without actually reading them. For no particular reason, she grinned to herself, enjoying the very best her casual Saturday afternoon could offer... or, so she'd thought.
"Whoa! I thought you were going to clean up in here, not mess it up even more!" Len exclaimed in severe dismay, his widened eyes tracking his sister's little trail of Pocky from where he stood in the door case, to where she lied on her bed. He was standing with his hands placed on his hips, wearing a
:iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 3 7
AT Layla by Pineapplepieprincess AT Layla :iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 4 12


Easy way to paint a clouds by ryky Easy way to paint a clouds :iconryky:ryky 2,065 18 Soleil Kagamine Rin by Azuri-chan79 Soleil Kagamine Rin :iconazuri-chan79:Azuri-chan79 48 6 Your presence soothes by ReneAoyama Your presence soothes :iconreneaoyama:ReneAoyama 17 3 Life Is Strange - Max and Chloe by MilliganVick Life Is Strange - Max and Chloe :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 5,048 235 art block (The Paper People) by CountANDRA art block (The Paper People) :iconcountandra:CountANDRA 532 21 Face It by NekoNutchi Face It :iconnekonutchi:NekoNutchi 3 3 The HILLs are alivee with the sound of Miiikuuu by My-Magic-Dream The HILLs are alivee with the sound of Miiikuuu :iconmy-magic-dream:My-Magic-Dream 212 22 On the Road. Kinda. Not really. I don't know. by CountANDRA On the Road. Kinda. Not really. I don't know. :iconcountandra:CountANDRA 507 49 This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Commitee by My-Magic-Dream This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Commitee :iconmy-magic-dream:My-Magic-Dream 307 37 The Unlucky Four by CountANDRA The Unlucky Four :iconcountandra:CountANDRA 512 40 Hatsune Miku ver. Senbonzakura II by silverwolfieofficial Hatsune Miku ver. Senbonzakura II :iconsilverwolfieofficial:silverwolfieofficial 90 3 Hansel and Gretel by Cleopatrawolf Hansel and Gretel :iconcleopatrawolf:Cleopatrawolf 153 33 Long time no watercolor by shimononawa Long time no watercolor :iconshimononawa:shimononawa 50 5 The Fall Witch by CountANDRA The Fall Witch :iconcountandra:CountANDRA 1,103 84 Hatsune Miku cosplay by KathytheGoth Hatsune Miku cosplay :iconkathythegoth:KathytheGoth 9 4 Inktober #4 - Don't worry, I'll be there soon. by My-Magic-Dream Inktober #4 - Don't worry, I'll be there soon. :iconmy-magic-dream:My-Magic-Dream 189 26


I'm quite excited to say that something is actually happening in my life at last. As it is, I've been holed up at home a lot ever since I graduated from high school. I've applied to two different educational programs after that but I wasn't accepted to either of them. Since I pretty much only have one friend that I go out and do stuff with, my social skills have gotten terribly out of practice and I've been too scared to try to get some sort of job.

However, now (after several months of waiting), I've finally been granted a contact person! I'm really happy about this because I feel like it could help me to break out of isolation a bit more. I know I need to work on interacting with others so I don't remain as painfully awkward as I am, but sometimes it's just so hard to meet new people when you have ASD. Starting with a contact person though will make it easier since they'll already know a little about me and there won't be as much pressure to appear "normal".

I just hope it goes well once I get to meet them. It's still kind of nerve-wracking to meet someone new after all.
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