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It's funny how when you're little you think that once you're 18 you're going to be all grown up and shit.

Yet, here I am, feeling as if I've jumped at least five years ahead of time itself.

Also, I'm impatiently waiting for a book about a narcissistic skeleton detective and a t-shirt with the motive of a blue-haired ice cream lover to be dumped into my mailbox.

I can hardly state that I've grown up yet -- without telling a lie, that is.
  • Mood: Humor
  • Listening to: Undead enemy - Kagamine Rin
  • Reading: Skulduggery Pleasant
  • Watching: Howl's moving castle
  • Playing: Soon Project diva F 2!
  • Eating: Ice cream sandwich
  • Drinking: Diet coke


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Hejsan! My name is Eve and I'm a tomboyish girl who loves my fat cat and my geeky friends! I live in the lovely country called Sweden, which is the most boring place on Earth. The winter is freezing, it rains all summer and the only interesting person who's ever lived here is Pewdiepie. I think I'd rather live in Japan.

I study game design at an IT-school but I can't really choose what I want to be good at so I try most of the different creative ways to express myself. Now that doesn't necessarily means I wield them all very well but I work it out the best I can.

I'm a night owl and I pretty much live on coffee and cola. I spend most of my days with anime on my computer screen and Vocaloid plugged in my ears. Honestly I'm not a very social person outside the internet but that's probably because I have atypical autism.

By the way, I support homosexuality even though I'm a Christian. I believe God loves that we love eachother no matter gender we are, even if the Bible says differently. God didn't write the Bible after all, humans did, and according to the Bible, we shouldn't be eating pork, but most people seems to think that's totally okay.

End of story!

Please Dont Thank Me STAMP by Puff-Dahh Don't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassin Don't Thank Me Stamp by Twilight-Kiyoko


Crybaby by Pineapplepieprincess
I can't look at this for too long without hating it, but I figured that this is as good as it will get so I'm just going to submit it before I change my mind.

School has been stressing me out a lot lately so haven't had that much time to draw at all. I managed to do this during the holiday though since I wanted to practice skin tones and facial expressions in digital art. I took inspiration from my fanfic "A hollow romance" and drew a blubbering Akaito. I've also been working on another fanfic during the holidays and I hope I will actually come around to submitting it soon (yes, this picture is relevant to that one too).

Hopefully, it doesn't look as ugly as I imagine because I honestly don't know if I love or hate this picture. Ugh...
I know that I don’t have much to offer, no, not a lot at all.

But if I could see you right now, I’d clasp your hands and look into your eyes.

Then, I’d tell you how deeply I’ve been longing for this very moment.

I’d tell you how badly I want to hold you tight and kiss every inch of your skin.

I’d tell you, that if you were my girl, I’d make you my most precious treasure.

And I’d treat you like a princess, because I know that’s what you deserve.

But that is, of course, if I could see you right now, and unfortunately, I can’t.

Yet, if I never ever do get to see you, I still wish that you’d find someone.

I hope that certain someone will value you as highly as I do.

Maybe they can even offer you the things that I’m not able to.

Anyway, you should know that I simply you to be happy.

Since that, after all, is what matters the most.
Pining fruitlessly
Crushes are like a common cold. You can try to treat it but you really can't do anything but to wait until it's over. Also, they make you spit out cheesy, nonsensical crap like you're delirious from fever. 

(I'll probably delete this later)

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